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Read some testimonial reviews

Read some testimonial reviews that clients have been kind enough to write for me: You can also watch some video testimonials here:

Working with Dr Bridget has been an amazing experience. The results are without doubt incredible, yet I can’t express how it’s happened.I decided to work with Dr Bridget having met her and talked to her about a few things that she instantly picked up on. I am successful business owner but I knew there was something holding me back from reaching my full potential but I didn’t understand what it was.
Dr Bridget explained that even with the best plan, your conscious mind can be sabotaged from reaching your goals if your subconscious brain is preventing you in attempting to keep you safe. For example, you might want to be a speaker on the international circuit and have the best plan to achieve that. But if subconsciously you have a ‘hidden’ belief that travelling abroad will be dangerous, then you won’t achieve your goal.
In one day, we talked very simply and uncovered what my hidden ‘issues’ or beliefs were, dealt with them and that was that. I now find that I am calmer, less judgmental and my business AND personal friendships and relationships have dramatically improved. Yet I still can’t fully express why. And that’s the magic of Dr Bridget! If you are a business owner and you’re not achieving your desires DESPITE the best coaches, mentors or programmes, you need Dr Bridget. And then you’ll fly.
– Samantha Bell . Style guru Ambassador Pixie Bell Limited

Bridget is sensational. I worked with her on some restrictions I had placed on myself and since then my results in business and every other area of my life have been amazing. Very highly recommended
– Deborah Fielding Celebrity & Motivational Speaker Agent

I must say that Bridget is fabulous at shifting stuff that’s getting in your way of success. I spent two days with Bridget on her Intensive Coaching programme and went into a lot of things surrounding my life, went deep into places that were causing me to ‘stop’ and shifted all manner of things that were causing me to get in my own way. Some of the work was subtle and some not so, however the results have been remarkable. One thing we did was to place certain goals of mine on my future time-line and to my amazement the first actually happened with a day of the date I had set. Its all very powerful stuff and if you’re not getting what you want, then I would highly recommend Bridget to work with to get things moving for you.
– Nadine Honeybone

I had become a bit of a couch potato and was struggling with weight issues. I felt as if I’d let things slip. The breakthrough sessions were very challenging and threw up a lot of surprises but really helped me get to grips with what was going on. I feel much more positive about the choices I can make to live a more fulfilling life. Bridget’s background of years of experience as a GP provided a safe pair of hands and calm environment of trust for the therapy
– Jan Lowe, London

Please accept this letter by way of testimonial and as an expression of my very sincere personal thanks for your professional guidance in helping me to focus on and more effectively target my business aspirations.  The sessions have enabled me to think much clearly and to separate out the targets I have for my  business from the other calls on my business, professional and personal time. The coaching was carried out in an informal manner, in very conducive surroundings, and proved to be rather enjoyable.  I had been extremely nervous about unscrambling my brain, especially at such a late stage in life!
– GM, Wales

You have helped me to be more assertive, more in control of my business targets and time management.   Prevarication and procrastination no longer have a place in my life! It also means that I better enjoy my ‘downtime. I thoroughly recommend your services. They are particularly important for anyone working alone or running a small business. I look forward to ‘top up’ sessions in the future.

I met Bridget at an NLP training week and felt an instant rapport with her. She completely understood the anxieties that I had about my life. I had tried a variety of things to sort this out but it had become obvious that I needed to go deeper to identify the real underlying problem and have also to have the support of someone I trusted to do this. I therefore asked her to undertake a personal breakthrough with me and was thrilled with the results. It took place over 2 days and was tiring and emotional and really stretched my thoughts. I found Bridget to be friendly and caring and felt very safe in her hands. She is very professional and I could tell that she really knew what she was doing. Since my breakthrough a month ago, I am making huge progress towards my goals and have in fact even reached some. I now feel that I have a lot more choices in my life and have no fear about achieving anything I want to, which was a huge issue for me before the breakthrough. So thank you Bridget and I look forward to continuing with your support- keep up the good work- you are making a huge difference to people’s lives!
– Heather Keevill, North London 07970 916335