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Coaching Sessions

Want to work closely with someone who understands what you are experiencing ?

Want to work closely with someone who understands what you are experiencing ?

As you stand at your crossroads wondering what next, you can be sure that I have travelled a similar journey. Coaching is a very powerful tool designed to help you overcome specific hurdles or personal obstacles in taking your next step.

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In the coaching sessions you will uncover how to:-

  • Find out where you are now
  • Set inspiring goals sthat are firmly in your mind
  • Deal with the challenges that you are experiencing in your business or your life
  • De-stress and find peace and calmness
  • Communicate effectively to improve relationships
  • Manage time more effectively instead of procrastinating
  • Learn how to say no (or why you say yes)
  • Have confidence in who you are and what value you bring
  • Become the success others see and know that you already are
  • Create an action plan and stick to it

This will put you on track to living your life to the full whether that's in business, your career, your relationships or whatever part of  your life you want to improve.

Testimonial from Adam Kara - Saving the world from boring e-learning

"Bridget is an extraordinary coach who gets extraordinary results. If you have ever felt that you are not achieving your full potential then I would recommend reaching out to Bridget"

A 1:1 coaching programme is best for when you prefer to work with a coach on a 1:1 basis rather than working in a group. Coaching focuses on your specific individual needs and concerns at an individual level. My normal package is to work with people over 6 months for two hours a month. If you feel that you would like a shorter or a longer package, just ask! I am available for a free consultation to talk through your challenges and make a decisions about the best way forward

I will help you focus on what is important to you, establish what you want to achieve, understand what obstacles you need to overcome, help you set goals and develop a strategy and keep you motivated and on track. AND you will have the support and skills of someone that has been a doctor for 25 years and a mum, a wife and a family member for many years and experienced many of the challenges and frustrations that you may be experiencing.

The most important thing is that it is your journey, you will not be judged and that I am here to support you to reach wherever you want to be. It will be stretching and at times can be painful and, just by recognising that there are reasons why you haven't achieved, will raise your awareness to a stage where you will be able to do whatever you  want to. After all - you need to be the one in charge of your emotions and behaviours rather than external events and people being in charge of them. Contact me to find out more.

What is the process for booking this form of coaching?

You can access a free 45 minute session on the phone by clicking here and filling in the form.  If we decide that coaching would be of benefit and that we can work together, we will discuss fees and payment plans. Remember that you are probably losing a lot of money from not taking action and certainly it will be  costing you emotionally!!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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