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Prescriptions for Success

Hi and Welcome to my Prescriptions for Success – signup page!

Hi and Welcome to my Prescriptions for Success - signup page!

Prescriptions for Success

Prescriptions for Success

I've decided to do a weekly Prescription for Success because I get so many ideas from clients, mastermind groups and things that happen in life and I really want to share them with you and others. Also, I've found it's relatively easy to film what I'm thinking of, perhaps add a tool or link and then everyone will be able to reflect and perhaps make changes. It is my aim in life to help people to reach their full potential and its a big task!!

Here's what one person said about them- he found them useful:-

"I took some time to look through a few of your You Tube prescriptions this morning. Interesting book by Hendrick on Barriers to success. I applied some narrative to the 4 and made some notes on these... quite interesting. I also reflected on ABCDs as groups as well as individuals and took some time to run through what that may look like." GS from Swansea

Examples of what may be covered are:

  • Avoiding Bright Shiny Objects that distract you from  your goals
  • Time Management audits
  • ABCD - technique to get  more positive support
  • Excuses and how to spot them
  • How to use your language to gain agreement
  • Feeding back effectively
  • And whatever comes up!

The prescriptions will consist of videos with attached tools where appropriate and will lead to you getting even more success or getting unstuck or even simply having a laugh or a cringe (that's OK - let me know). It's very easy for people, including me, to get hung up on perfection, getting things in the right order or procrastinating because we are not sure it will make the difference so I've decided to just "go for it".

If you'd like to recieve these straight to your e-mail box once a week, then just put your name in the box and it will happen!