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NLP Practitioner Training

Certified NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Practitioner Training South Wales

What are the benefits of developing the NLP skills that this NLP Practitioner course gives you ?

  • It’s a life changing experience, delivered by a medically qualified and experienced trainer – Dr Bridget!
  • It’s an American Board of NLP Certified course – the biggest NLP training provider globally.
  • The tools enable you to progress in your life and reach your full potential- we sort out any challenges that you have on the course
  • Its great personal development! People say it’s the only course they have been on that provides life long changes.
  • If you are already coaching or are a manager, the skills you gain enables you to coach at a totally different level – at the level that people are often stuck
  • You can interact with people because the skills you learn get you the results that you want
  • You will experience Time Line Therapy and an introduction to hypnosis which will enable you to let go of things that may be holding you back.

    Download the course brochure here

Course Dates

13-16th July & 3-6 August 2017South WalesSOLD OUT
7-10th September & 29th September - 2nd October 2017South WalesLimited Spaces Available. Contact Us Today
5-8th January & 19-22nd January 2018South WalesSpaces Available
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Why choose Dr Bridget’s trainings? – she is unique in her approach

  • Its fun and exciting!
  • You will work with handpicked people who will add to your experience in a way that is carefully managed
  • Dr Bridget gives you full support pre and post course – she is the only trainer in South Wales that has a Continuing Development course every month
  • There are opportunities to practice between the dates and support to use your skills afterwards
  • You can assist on following courses to support Dr Bridget and learn even more
  • It is accredited by the largest NLP awarding body – The American Board of NLP
  • It will be geared to your outcomes in life, business and career – Dr Bridget makes sure that she knows what you want to get out of the course
  • There are opportunities to get rid of all of your limiting decisions and negative emotions and to experience Time Line Therapy
  • The taster of hypnosis enables you to embed your learnings and gets rid of the preconceptions that people have about hypnosis- after all-all hypnosis is self hypnosis.


  • There are payment plans and early bird offers
  • ReAct funding can be used if you have been made redundant in Wales in the last 3 months


Watch Dr Bridget talking about the course and how passionate she is about her training

Video testimonials.

This is a testimonial from Chris who came on the course to further his business and gained much more.

Correana came on the course to gain more skills to take her holistic health coach business forward and the tools and techniques that she learned will be able to be put into practice straight away. She feels that everone who is living and breathing should undertake this course because of the huge impact it has.

 Sharon was one of the 1st trainees on a practitioner course and made some amazing personal and professional changes as a result. watch me talking to her as do a case study on exactly how far she has come since the course.

Martin is a Financial Advisor who has worked with Dr Bridget and was so interested in the NLP techniques that he decided to come on the course to be able to get into deep rapport with people and understand how everyone is different. He certainly achieved that and is benefiting by even more business and also got rid of a longstanding phobia that was affecting his life hugely.

The next dates are the 13th -16th July and the 3rd – 6th August – a total of 8 days face to face training.

There may well be questions, so register an interest by filling in the form below or call me on the number below and I will be in touch straight away. Remember that you need to do the homework and the test so book in plenty of time. If you can’t make the  May dates, this course runs four times a year.

Pre course work:

  1. This NLP Practitioner training includes 56 hours of pre-course work and a test which has to be received and marked before the face to face training. Then, 8 days of face to face training gives you an American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming  NLP Practitioner Certificate and great personal development at the same time!
  2. A pre course coaching call to find out what your reasons and goals are for undertaking this NLP practitioner training so that we can work together to meet your objectives.
  3. Access to Dr Bridget with any queries from the time that you book

What will you learn and what benefits will you gain?

NLP is simple when explained in a way that you will understand and when you have the opportunities to practice during and after the course. The tools and techniques produce quick and easy changes.

  • The basis of NLP and the fundamental beliefs that allows you to take control of the connections between your mind, your emotions and your behaviour
    How to be sure that you will achieve your goals
    How to get into rapport in order to gain instant liking and agreement
    How to use your 5 senses internally in order to represent the information that comes from the outside world
    How to take control of your internal programming
  • How to understand the meaning of words and language for yourself and others
    The mechanism of controlling your feelings and state of mind
    How to control your internal strategies to get excellent results for yourself
    How to stop internal conflicts (thats where you have constant battles going on in your head)
    Coaching skills
    Communication skills

If you gained all of these skills you would be able to use NLP in :

  • Business and Personal coaching
  • Sales and Communication
  • Sports coaching
  • Learning and education
  • Creating change and growth on a personal level
  • Creating change and growth with clients
  • Enjoying your life to the full

Simon is a successful business man who is very interested in personal development. He uses an analogy of papering over the cracks with personal development and how NLP, on the other hand,  replasters the wall and paints it whatever colour you want to paint it!!

Teresa is a coach that helps people to find meaningful relationships and gained some amazing tools on the course to use with her clients. She also gained some really useful insights about her business which is now going from strength to strength.

Sammy had some blocks from the past that were stopping her moving forward and enjoying her life. She came on the course to get rid of those and is also going to take a coaching business forward as she was so inspired by the changes she made and also helped other people to make.


Stephanie is an HR expert and owns her own business. She was on a previous course and found it totally different to the one that she had experienced in corporate life- much more fun and beneficial. She now uses her tools to help clients in her business.

How do you book?

If you would like to know more about the NLP Practitioner training, please fill in the contact form below and I will ring you to discuss how you can book this training and start the work very quickly.
The investment in yourself includes contact with me from the time you book and pay, an audio programme to learn more about NLP and books to enable you to read about NLP.

You will be part of a closed Face Book group where you can interact with your fellow attendees. Payment plans are also possible – give me a call on 07973 635102 or 01656 347027


What comes after this course?

The course is followed up by phone calls from Dr Bridget and group coaching calls once a month on-line. The Certified NLP Practitioner Training is the first level of learning in NLP. The next level of training that I offer is Time Line therapy, Coaching and Hypnosis Certified Practitioner training and this is followed by the Master Practitioner level training.

An amazing life! – Whatever the reason for you undertaking this NLP Practitioner training – personal or professional, you will gain a series of skills, strategies and techniques for success and know how to create value in your life and other people’s lives.