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Mindset for Business Success System

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The Mindset for Business Success System is an essential and extremely practical resource which enables you, and people like you in business to move forward and become successful really quickly. The system has resulted from the success of the book written by Dr Bridget called “Mindset for Business Success” and includes audios, videos and real life coaching sessions.

Dr Bridget is passionate about unsticking you and enabling you to get what you want, having spent 24 years as a GP in South Wales and setting up her own business as an NLP Trainer and Master Coach. She works mainly with people who are in business and feel as though they are not getting the success they want.

The clear instructions in the audios and videos, together with the workbook are based on the premise that getting a prescription from the doctor helps the you to feel healthier and happier.

As you watch and listen to the sessions, you will learn the 10 step system to getting your mind to align itself totally with your success. This means that success, whatever that means to you, is guaranteed.

You will discover:

  • What process your mind uses to get results and how to change the process to get success
  • How to get really motivated and in charge of your life
  • A system for getting rid of unhelpful beliefs and thoughts and getting total belief in yourself
  • The reasons why you are not setting goals in an effective way and how to change this
  • Time management systems which work so that you take consistent and massive action
  • How to recognise the strategies that you run in your mind and make them work for you
  • Tweaks to how you communicate that get you what you want and be in control of your success
  • How to balance your life in the way that YOU want rather than what others want

The results of discovering these things and learning how to do things differently will give you amazing resilience and personal development that is very different to most business success systems. Access to the coaching services of Dr Bridget if you should have questions or get stuck is a great bonus for the people who learn about this system.

Outline of Lessons in the Mindset for Business Success System.


Introduction To The System
A video introduction from Dr Bridget to help you get the most from the course. Download the accompanying workbook here.

1. Understanding How You Get Results
Dr Bridget explains how you use your brain to get your results. Therefore, you will be able to understand how you can use your brain differently to get better results. Find out the basic fundamentals for understanding the rest of the course to get that Business Success

2. Supporting Yourself To Be Successful
In this lesson you will find three ways of supporting yourself to be successful

1. Following this course from start to finish
2. Recording your thoughts – Journaling
3. My ABCD tool to find yourself positive support

3a). Understanding yourself - Finding your purpose
People in business can feel uncomfortable with working on their purpose and often aren't aware that they have one or feel that it’s a bit “woo woo”. However, just doing some work on what your purpose is, is usually very enlightening! My purpose is to “help everyone to reach their full potential” and I’ve really enjoyed putting this course together for you to help you reach yours!

3b). Understanding Yourself- Finding Your Identity
Knowing what your identity is means that you can tell very quickly when you are not being yourself and when you are. The video of the coaching session is fascinating as Steve finds out what his identity is.

3c). Understanding Yourself - Discovering Your Values for Business Success
Your values are your motivators and are usually operating at an unconscious level. This lesson finds out what your top four values are so that they can be remembered consciously and used in your journey towards business success

3d). Understanding yourself - Developing Empowering Beliefs
This lesson takes you through a process of identifying your limiting beliefs - the things that are stopping you from being successful - and changing them to empowering beliefs.

3e). Understanding yourself - How you do things - Meta Programmes
Meta Programmes are the way that your mind filters "how" you do things. Once you know how this happens and can spot patterns in others, you will use the knowledge to improve relationships with yourself and others for business success.

3f). Understanding Yourself - Skills and Knowledge
Dr Bridget gives you a tool to sort out what skills and knoweldge you already have and which ones you need to develop. Sometimes we feel as though we need to learn more and more before we can take action and that turns into a great tool for procrastinating.

4. Setting Empowering Goals
If you don't know where you are going, it's difficult to know what action to take and whether that action is useful or not. Dr Bridget gives you a really compelling way of setting goals / outcomes and teaches you how to engage your brain fully in the process so that getting the goal is easy.

5. Taking Consistent and Effective Action
Knowing your goals and having your brain fully engaged in getting them, helps the mind to enable you to take action. Dr Bridget gives you two tools to help you to reflect on your actions and become consistent.

6. Using Effective Strategies
We use strategies to do everything. The challenge is that these are mainy done unconsciously and very very quickly. We notice the results and they are not always what we want. Dr Bridget gives you a process to analyse your strategies and they will therfore become more effective and get you the results that you want.

7. Communicating Effectively
We cannot not comunicate. Everything that we do or say, changes our reality and that of others. Therefore it is really useful to have some tools to enable us to get the results that we want when we communicate. This is a fascintaing topic and Dr Bridget gives us some useful tools to become excellent at communicating.

8. Developing Resilience
Resilience is the ability to manage yourself and your reactions in times of challenge and adversity. Most of the ability to do this comes from within and putting yourself in charge of your emotions is a key skill for Business Success.

9. Finding The Right Balance
This course is about getting Business Success and you may have noticed that the rest of your life affects your thinking in business and vice versa. The tool that Dr Bridget gives you in this lesson is useful for planning how to get the balance in your life that you want.

10. Personal Development
The whole of this course is carefully planned to develop you to get Business Success in a very different way, that will impact the whole of your life. Personal Development at an unusual level! And there's always more!!

Mindset for Business Success System

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