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Phobia Cures

Phobia Cures

Phobia Cures

Phobia Cures

I know that you will be somewhat sceptical that phobias can be cured in less than an hour – after all – you’ve done them for many years and they are extremely frightening. But here’s the thing:- You can learn things very quickly – your phone numbers, car registrations, people’s names and they are in your neurology and can be remembered when needed. But when you move or get a new car or lose a friend, we forget those things just as easily as we learned them.

And when you work with someone who’s skilled in phobia removal, its easy and reasonably comfortable to do the same with a phobia! All without exposing yourself to the thing that you are frightened of!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long have you been doing your phobia?
  • What emotional cost has it caused you?
  • What else has it cost you?
  • On a scale of 1:10 how frightened are you when you think of your phobia?
  • On a scale of 1:10 how much do you want to get rid of your phobia?

Types of phobias

I have worked with people with a fear of spiders, a fear of flying, a fear of heights, a fear of feathers, a fear of vomiting, a fear of woodlice and many many more. If you have an irrational fear of something, it is likely to be a phobia.

If you are committed to getting rid of your phobia and want to talk to me about  making an appointment, ring me on 01656 347027 or 07973 635102

Testimonials from Phobia Cures

SP Fear of Cancer

. She rang me because she had been suffering a variety of interlinked phobias from when she was 3 years old to the present time when she was suffering with a fear of cancer. This was causing her to check herself constantly, ring her husband, the doctor, her mum and anyone else. It had taken over her life and she realised that it was affecting relationships, work and the quaity of life with her 1 year old daughter. If she read  about cancer or heard about cancer on a reality show, she would panic and ring the  doctor. It was affecting her throughout every day and stopping her sleeping at times.

Her mum had been listening to the Speakmans (life coaches) on TV and thought that SP should come and see me. We spent a bit of time talking through her phobia which was quite uncomfortable and then I gave her the tools to remove her phobia. 1/2 hour later she was unable to get any fear up at all and sent me this e mail the next day:

“Good news!! I went to bed last night…no checking of my body at all,  and, at work, a colleague had an information leaflet on ovarian cancer and I was the one calming her down! I must admit I was sceptical before the appointment, but I can’t believe the outcome of your treatment.
Hope I didn’t traumatise you too much yesterday with my OLD weird ways!!

Thanks so much for all your help!!”


Anna Roberts – fear of flying

“Soon after meeting Dr Bridget I told her about my fear of flying. I was leaving for Argentina in 3 weeks’ time and the thought of the 13 hour flight was taking the edge off my excitement. Even though I’ve flown 100s of hour in my life my flying phobia has been so acute that during turbulence I’ve been known to hang off the leg of a stewardess, begging them to land the plane as quickly as possible. When Bridget told me she’d be able to help me with just one NLP session I was sceptical but I decided it was worth a try. Bridget is very easy to talk to and is confident and reassuring in her working practice. The proof was going to be in the pudding…. During the flight, my partner, who’d flown to Austria with me earlier that year could not believe the difference and the lack of nail marks in his arm. And I had none of the fear and cold sweats during the last few days of the holiday as I anticipated the flight home. The return flight was rough. Out of 13 hours of flying we had over 6 hours of turbulence, with the pilot offering numerous apologies. But I was just fine. I even slept through the turbulence which I’ve never been able to do before. I would highly recommend Bridget to help with phobias and I’ll be asking for her help again before my next ski trip to help me deal with my fear of heights on the ski lifts! Thanks Bridget.”

Jacqui Malpass – Fear of Heights

So, if you have a phobia that you would like to get rid of, e-mail me on or ring me on 07973 635102 or 01656 347027

You will be surprised at how easy the process is and how comfortable!

Dr Bridget