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I expect you know that some challenges are solved quickly and others are deeper seated. It takes time to define the problem and then to solve it. Sometimes, just talking to me will raise an awareness that you haven't thought of before.  Before you book this session, be clear about the reason for booking it, have a look at my video and also download my free e-book  .You will then understand why I do what I do and be clearer about what you need help with.

The reasons for the 45 minutes that we spend together on this free consultation are:

For you :

  • Speak to me in person and get to know me
  • Work on a challenge that is important to you at the moment for half an hour
  • Get a feel for how I work with clients and think about whether you'd like to think about working with  me further to reach your goals and solve your challenges

For me:

  • Speak to you and get to know you
  • Find out how your challenge is affecting your life or your business
  • Give you some tools to raise awareness and start that change process
  • Tell you about my services so that you can get more help following this session
  • Find out how committed you are to making a change

More testimonials

More testimonials from my delighted clients...

Focus - an easy word to write or say, but very difficult to apply. After a little over an hour's coaching with Bridget Kirsop I had a much clearer idea of what I was looking to achieve, by when and how I would set out. A friendly and relaxed session of coaching that was a very worthwhile use of time and something I can and will definitely build upon.

Rob Bamforth,  Marketeer, Industry Analyst and eco-house selfbuilder.


My session with Dr Bridget was really informative. It allowed me to safely explore, resolve and release some of the issues that were creating barriers in my professional life

Hayley Wheeler,  Development coach specialising in improving self esteem in women and children, Author and Motivational Speaker

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So, if you'd like to book a FREE session with me to see how I can help, complete the form here and I'll get back in touch with you to book you in at a time that suits you.