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I'm really pleased that you have found my web site and perhaps taken your first step towards getting the life that you want and justly deserve! After all that can be all it takes!

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Does this describe you....

  • Is life possibly passing you by?
  • Do you lack direction?
  • Are you concerned about your career path?
  • Do you worry about your emotional state?
  • Do you feel stuck or dis-empowered?
  • Do you feel as though you don't know what to do about your challenges?

Well, if this describes you, then my report describes exactly what you may not know and need to know to make changes in your life.

I have two great offers for you before you go any further which are completely free and really useful! You can download my life-changing free report on this page. You can also access a free 40 minute session (worth £125) with me by clicking here.

My purpose in life is to support and encourage and empower everyone to get what they want and I'm really looking forward to talking to you!!

Qualified to help

Reading Dr Bridget’s journey shows that Dr Bridget is a walking testament to the power that changing your thoughts can change your life.

The difference Dr Bridget can make, as a coach, to those who want to overcome their challenges has enhanced her life as much as making a difference to patients has done in the past!

Dr Bridget’s qualifications

  •  MB.BS B.Sc D.R.C.O.G (Medical Qualification)
  • International Coaching Federation accredited training programme – Life Coach
  • Certified Trainer of NLP (American Board of NLP)
  • Certified Master  Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis.
  • Certified Master Coach of NLP
  • Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified NLP Master Coach Trainer

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